So, Let's Talk About That

24 hour news cycles have forced stations to engage in ever growing, polarizing punditry. The noise levels of much so-called news programming is drowining out true analysis. In many ways this has given policy-makers a free pass. They do not have to defend sometimes questionable judgment or decision-making, because they are unlikely to analytically challenged. They can dismiss the visceral attacks of journalist and commentators from the "other side", whose major aim it is to raise the rating of their programs. As such the fourth estate has lost much of its control function. To fill this gap, I am introducing this new series, called "So, Let's Talk About That". The videos I will post under this tab, which are also available on YouTube, make an effort to look at complex issues in a sober, analytical and pragmatic way. Providing potential solutions and giving high-level guidance to my core clients, large financial institutions and corporations, how to manage the risks that I will identify.     

The Courage of Our Convictions Carries the Day